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2017 Fishing Report

April 27 - Weather has come in and the water was lumpy with some wind. Salmon are scattered and off the bite.

April 26 - Beautiful morning and afternoon with flat calm seas again and zero wind until we came home. The salmon were on fire today! I mean they were red hot! We hooked into about 19 salmon of which four were too short, three no shows and five got away and seven salmon to 17 pounds came home with us! Had a couple doubles and one triple. Great time and great fishing.

April 23 - Nice morning with flat seas and whales all around. Eight hookups today and brought home three salmon to 17 pounds. Wind came up early.

April 22 - Jurassic Park today and what a great ride up to the island. Flat calm water. Unfortunately the fish were still shy from the swell that hammered the shorline all week. We got some nice lings, blue, olive, black and red pacific snapper. Just not as many as we expected.

April 21 - Gorgeous weather and water today and the salmon were hot! Lots of whale and bird action and of course salmon action. We hooked into at least a dozen fish and kept only the biggest seven. 15 year-old Han got his first salmon ever and I think the young man is hooked! The salmon bite continues to be strong and now that the bait balls are here the salmon should be sticking around through the end of the season. Season ends July 15th.

April 20 - Water was flat calm all day but the rockfish were a bit slow on the bite. Took a while but we finished up with limits of quality canary, olive, blue and black pacific snapper.

April 18 - Salmon bite is going pretty good now and should be steady for at least the next few weeks. We only have a few remaining open dates in April so if you want to get in on the salmon action now would be a good time to sign up. The April dates available are April 20, 21 and 25th. Weather forecast is good for the next week.

April 17 - Got in on the salmon bite down south and it was fish on right from the get go. Nice quality salmon to 16 pounds for everyone. A lot of salmon have come into the Bay.

April 15 Afternoon trip - Wind came up so water was a bit bumpy. Since we did real good this morninng we went back to the same spot and WHAM! We started hauling in big canary, olive, blue, black and six BIG red pacific snapper with four lingcod to 15 pounds.

April 15 Morning trip - Water was really nice and was clear skies. Fish were hungry too. Nailed nice blue, olive and red pacific snapper and one nice lingcod.

April 14 - Not so nice water and weather today and the salmon catching was off today as was the snapper bite.

April 13 - Weather and water were nice today and the salmon are still in the area. Had nine hookups today but only two in the box. Lost five salmon to sealions and two were shorties.

April 11 - First hour we had a little wind, a couple sprinkles, cold weather and the fish were slow to bite. After another hour it became sunny, the wind died, it was like 70 degrees and the fish went on a wide-open bite... a MEGABITE! It was crazy fishing for a couple hours. We hooked well over 100 fish but only kept the best 67 blue pacifc snapper and two lings to 15 pounds. It was 11 year-old Sage's birthday and she waited a couple years to finally get her dream fishing trip. Happy Birthday Sage! (Way to go mom and dad too!)

April 9 - Much better weather today and much better salmon bite too. Putted around for an hour or so and when the tide changed it was game on. Had at least ten stikes and got six nice salmon to 17 pounds in the boat. Great day of fishing. We ended the day with a double hookup for Vince and Josh.

April 8 - Headed out to the salmon grounds late. Very late... missed the bite. Right from the get go we hooked into a fish. Hooked into five fish of which two were shakers (too small) and one no show and two nice king salmon in the box. Salmon fishing again tomorrow.

April 7 - No fishing today due to weather. Salmon fishing has improved over the past few days from one to two fish per person. Fish vary from seven to 22 pounds.

April 6 - Nearshore trip again and we started at the place we left off yesterday. With the storm approaching it seems the closer fish weren't very active so we went further offshore for a try. Good thing we did. Immediately birthday boy 16 year-old Reily landed a BIG blue pacific snapper then it was a steady pick of canary, red, blue and olive snapper throughout the day. Mom bagged the biggest red pacific snapper and Reily brought in two lingcod. One was just a wee bit short and had to go back to grow. Limits for all and perfect weather.

April 5 - Headed out for the rockcod (snapper) and lingcod grounds today with Barbara The Brave and her four teenage grandkids! What a blast! Talk about getting four kids real focused on the outdoors. A whale then a sealion then catching 100 fish sure does the trick. Kept the best 60 fish then Barbara schooled the kids by bringing in the only keeper lingcod. Limits for all and perfect weather.

April 4 - Great to be salmon fishing again. Weather was perfect and the whales were around to entertain us. Started out slow then we got bit but it was a no show. A little while later had a big one on and after a long battle we got the 16 pounder in the boat. Ten minutes later a monster hit and it was game on for 14 year-old Colby. Colby won. The 19 pound salmon ended up in the cooler. Then another fish got on but didn't stay on for long. Then things got real quiet for the next three hours of trolling.

April 2 - Another try at salmon with much better weather. Trolled around for a couple hours with another 20 boats then when low tide hit it was game on! Hooked up our first fish and lost it. Within 20 minutes we hooked up again and this time it made it in the boat. Ten minutes later hooked up again. One more fish 40 minutes later. Came home with three nice salmon between 14 and 19 pounds. Great group and another boat full of happy campers!

April 1 - It's opening day for BOTH salmon and pacific snapper (rockcod) & lingcod so we have options! Today the weather was a bit windy and the water had a big lump to it. Not the most comfortable water to fish in but we managed. Tried salmon for a couple hours out at the hole but no bites. Radio was quiet too so not a lot of salmon catching going on anywhere. Group decided to switch over to nearshore fishing and try our luck at pacific snapper and we got 'em! Brought home over half limits including the now legal canary rockcod. Happy campers.

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